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5 Mistakes Most People Do With WordPress

As a web designer and WordPress specialist, I have been called upon by customers asking for help quite a few times over the past years. What strikes me the most is, nearly all of them were making the same mistakes. So here we go! 1) You Have 23 Updates! Or Not...

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WordPress version 4.4 has arrived

The latest stable version of WordPress, one of the most used CMS open source, is available for download in addition to the new theme Twenty Sixteen.  This new version is named "Clifford" in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, Wordpress 4.4 can be downloaded from...

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Flash Player, Favorite Target For Hacking Kits

A study shows that Flash Player is the preferred software for hacking kits due to its multiple critical flaws. Internet Explorer and Silverlight are also popular. Calls to delete Flash for security issues should are louder and louder with the recent study of Recorded...

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WordPress Is Now Powering 25% Of All Websites On The Web

The most popular content management systems now runs a quarter of the web. We have a closer look at the detailed statistics behind that success. Two years after WordPress usage reached 20%, it achieved the next major milestone: 25% of all websites now use WordPress....

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Google Searches: Over 50% Are Made On Smartphones

The Conference Recode Code/Mobile 2015 was an opportunity for Google to confirm what the research community had thought in recent weeks: the number of searches by smart phone has outreached those made by computers. Amit Singhal, vice president of Google Search...

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