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A study shows that Flash Player is the preferred software for hacking kits due to its multiple critical flaws. Internet Explorer and Silverlight are also popular.

flashCalls to delete Flash for security issues should are louder and louder with the recent study of Recorded Future. The company conducted the survey through hundreds of forums, social media, but also on onion sites (using the Tor network) affected with various hacking kits.

The analysis identified 108 exploits kits, the best known and most used are Angler, Neutrino and Nuclear Pack. To carry out their misdeeds, these toolkits rely on vulnerabilities in popular softwares.

Recorded Future has compiled a ranking of favorite programs used by hacking kits. Adobe Flash Player is the undisputed “king” software to carry out attacks. The Adobe software occupies the first 8 places in the Top 10. The first vulnerability is known as CVE codes that affected Flash Player This gap was corrected in February 2015 but was discovered in several kits like Hanjuan, Angler and Fiesta.

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