WordPress Security Updates & Backups

Protect your WordPress website

WordPress Security Updates & BackupsIn this day and age where each and every website on the web can be hacked, one has to wonder what to do in order to protect its online content.

The good news is, there’s a simple and effective way to protect your web investment by keeping your WordPress platform and plugins up-to-date, and by making regular backups.

Look at it this way, just imagine that your website gets hacked and you DON’T have backups, I would be tempted to say that your site is gone for good.

On the other hand, your site got pirated and you have a recent backup, I would say you’re in business because a professional WordPress technician can easily get your website back online.

So, do you need help in keeping your WordPress website up-to-date and making regular backups? We have solutions & plans starting at $49 per month. Just get in contact with us and let’s start today!

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